Years of event styling have led us to believe that the perfect design can only be achieved through meticulous attention to detail
Whether you are looking for timeless elegance, country charm, vintage chic or far-out and funky, Design My Day can create it
Bev’s limitless creativity, intuitive sense of style and quest for perfection ensures she creates the ultimate setting for any occasion
I loved working with Bev for our wedding! She was so patient with all my ideas – even the over the top ones
Oh love working with Bev! She is so spot on with her creations and spends many hours and late nights getting it all perfect!
Perfection , Dedication Love & friendship is her key to success. My wedding day is unforgettable Bev can deliver what she sets out to do.
Not only did Bev become a friend she also gave me fantastic advice and fabulous ideas.
It wasn’t easy planning a wedding in Cornwall from London, but always came back with some amazing ideas
Expectations relating to venue styling and event design have increased dramatically in recent years

How It Works

Every event – be it a wedding, christening or birthday – is unique, which is why all of our design options are tailored to suit your individual requirements and budget.

This can range from simply providing you with a design for you to implement, to a comprehensive service where we create the design, source everything, and set up your venue, removing the stress from at least one aspect of your special day.

Initial Consultation

We will arrange to meet with you to discuss your thoughts, ideas and aspirations for the event, and to help you decide which of our design packages best suits your needs.

If you have already decided on a venue, or have somewhere in mind, this is usually a good place to meet. We will be able to talk through your plans, whilst also being able to realistically consider how they will work in the setting.

This first meeting gives you the opportunity to better understand what Design My Day can do for you, and also allows us to learn more about the decisions that you have already made. Information on date(s), time(s), venue(s) and numbers will help us begin to determine the design and styling that will be perfect for you.

The packages available from Design My Day are:

Simply Style

If you are just looking for inspiration and ideas, we can provide a detailed design for you to implement at your venue.

The design will cover everything from the colour palate and lighting, to creative ideas for table centerpieces and flowers. We can also include advice on appropriate finishing touches, such as place settings and/or favours.

Whilst sourcing and acquiring the various elements of the design can be done well in advance, an important consideration is who will ‘pull it all together’ on the day. It may be worth investigating whether the venue has an Events Co-ordinator who could take on this role.

Design and Detail

This package aims to help you implement our design yourself, without the need to spend hours trawling the Internet in search of specific items.

As well as providing a detailed design (as explained for the Simply Style package), we will also supply comprehensive details of how and where to source all the elements required to create it.

The actual implementation of the design is still something to bear in mind, though, as it can often require several capable and experienced ‘pairs of hands’.

Design My Day

Creating a truly breathtaking venue requires months of planning, research and organisation: time that most busy people simply don’t have.

We will work with you to create a complete venue design. We will then go through this with you, in detail and on site, to ensure that every aspect of the styling is addressed, agreed and finalised.

Once you are completely happy, we will source and cost everything required, providing you with a full breakdown for approval.

On the day, our team will be at the venue to create the design, ensuring that nothing is left to chance. This service will include everything from ensuring the room layout is as agreed, to dressing the tables, arranging the centrepieces and place settings… and even lighting the candles. All you will need to think about is what to wear!

This package will involve regular meetings and discussions in the preceding months and weeks, to ensure that everything is absolutely perfect for you on the day.

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